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All About Royal Magical Pieces & Designs

Rachel Morgan-Pierson was my beautiful sister. 


When I began beading, it was at a low period in my life. I lost my corporate job of 10 1/2 years. I was utterly distraught. I couldn't believe this had happened to me. I panicked. Working is all that I knew. My parents instilled a work ethic, style, and manners in my sister and me from a young age. I felt lost. 


I wondered if I could make a living from my hobby of beading? My sissy and mom both loved my bracelets and were my biggest supporters. Sissy told me, "with your fashion sense, charm, and style, you can make and sell anything!  If you make it, wear it, people will buy it!


I did some research. I read an article about two queens that own "Honesty" another design company. Their story inspired me. I felt the magic that sparked creativity and new designs. I had two trunk shows; in my first show, I profited 1k. For the second show, I made $1500. 


Honestly, when I began beading, IT WAS FOR-PROFIT. Now that my angels were called home to Glory, designing has taken on a new meaning and perspective. I create jewelry from my heart; purely for the love, joy, and healing energy, it brings to others. Every bracelet I make pays homage to my sissy. It's a kiss to my mother. Royal Magical Pieces is my passion and our dream. As I grow, so will the vision. I pray that I am making them proud.


Connecting People to Beads

Sometimes my beads can remind me of a heartfelt memory but sometimes it may bring up a hurtful memory. But then I can reflect and smile, even if its just for a second. 

IMG_1538 (1).jpg

This Is Me 

Beauty, glitz, glam, bubbles, with a loving family who wants the best for everyone. As I am determined & motivated these qualities tangled together describes Bridgette Morgan the CEO of Royal Magical Pieces and Designs.


I am destined to succeed. If I fall, I will get up with grace and try again failure is not in my DNA. It is only here to teach me lessons and what not to do. 


I was created from strength determination, faith and

I'm a queen who keeps her crown straight and adjusts others. I want all willing to put in the effort to take that first-class flight.



I work hard. I love my family; I am nothing without them. I'm not afraid to take risk. I'm destined to create a legacy. I want my flowers now. When I  need a reminder, I buy my own and pick up a bouquet to share with someone that could use a little sunshine. I'm me and don't want to be anyone else. I'm not jealous or envious of anyone or anything. I truly believe what God has for me is for me, and sometimes we have to weather storms until it's our time. 


Last but not least. 


Bridgette &
Rachel Morgan- Pierson

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